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How can hypnotherapy help?

If there's something bothering you and you want to fix it, hypnotherapy can be very helpful. We all have a subconscious mind - the part of you that does all the helpful things in your day that you don't think about, such as driving a car or getting dressed. It also shapes your values and beliefs and if there's a change that you want to make that goes against these values or beliefs, it will dig in its heels and be the self talk that convinces you not to make that change.

Is there something unwanted, like anxiety, a phobia or an unwanted habit like smoking that you want to stop? Or perhaps a desire to start something new, like exercise or healthy eating? Perhaps you've tried your best, but it just feels really difficult and those old ways are easy to slide back into. Then its time for that other part of you that self-recriminates because you just haven't managed to do it.

In the relaxed state of hypnosis, your subconscious starts to pay attention. It understands that it is really important to you to make that change and it begins to work with you, instead of undermining you. You can unlearn the old behaviours and it can be really easy to do.

As a hypnotherapist, based in Carine, Perth, I've helped lots of people quit smoking, lose weight, overcome anxiety, depression, stress or phobias, drink less alcohol or get over that feeling of being stuck. So if you haven't managed to make lasting changes on your own, get in touch today.

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