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Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight knows that diet is a four letter word for a reason. You feel motivated at the start but then you reach a point where your weight loss starts to plateau and it brings you down. Or perhaps there's an emotional upheaval in your life and its just too hard to stick to your plan.


You may have tried different diets, eating plans and exercise regimes. Some things will have worked for a while, some are downright unpleasant and nothing lasts.

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Food is comfort, socialising, fun...

Most of us grow up with a really positive association with food. When you're young, you fall down and somebody gives you chocolate to make you feel better. Throughout your life, food is a celebration - it represents birthdays, Christmas, socialising with friends and having a great time. All of these pleasant experiences are being stored within your subconscious mind - the part of you that deals with all of your automatic behaviours, from breathing in and out to riding a bike.


When you start a diet and think to yourself 'I must not eat chocolate', your subconscious just hears 'chocolate' and all of a sudden you're thinking about it even more often.


So when you're trying not to do something and your subconscious knows how good it feels when you do, its no wonder that you're not getting the long term changes that you're looking for.

A new mindset supports long term change

Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your goal in becoming the best version of yourself. We can work together to identify the barriers to losing weight and instead of focusing on willpower alone, can tap into your subconscious and change your whole relationship with food. It becomes less about what you have to give up and more about what you have to gain.


You have total control at all times. You will simply achieve such a state of relaxation that it becomes easy to make changes to create a better you.

Weight loss
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