5 reasons to choose The Virtual Gastric Band for weight loss

The Virtual Gastric Band, pioneered in the UK by Sheila Granger, has been successfully helping clients achieve their weight loss goals since 2010. If you're looking to improve your health, change your eating habits for the long term and become the body shape that you desire, here's why this is the programme for you:

virtual gastric band weight loss

1. It's not a diet

We all know diets don't work in the long term. You lose weight by restricting food groups or counting calories and then, once you stop, those kilos creep back on again until you're back to where you started, or worse, even heavier!

The Virtual Gastric Band is not a diet. It's about how you eat, not what you eat.

2. You can eat what you like

You really can! The Virtual Gastric Band programme is designed to help you feel satisfied on smaller amounts of food and people have shown steady, progressive weight loss whilst still being able to eat all of the foods that they enjoy.

3. It doesn't take over your life

Anyone who has been on a diet knows that it can be all consuming, whether it's making meal plans, shopping for diet foods, jumping on the scales at various times of day, or trying not to think about the forbidden foods that taste so good.

There is something called the Law of Attraction, which happens when you focus your energy on something. For example, if you're in the market for a new car, all you see is the vehicle type that you're interested in. Or if you're a new mum, all you see is other mums and their children. Where focus goes, energy flows. If you keep thinking 'I must not eat chocolate', your brain hears 'chocolate' and you will think about chocolate far more than before!

The Virtual Gastric Band programme is designed to make healthy eating something you don't need to think about - you just do it naturally. And because it's about how you feel in yourself and in your clothes, you don't even have to weigh.

4. It's for the long term

The issue with any weight loss programme is that you're relying on your willpower and determination in order to succeed. However, most of our behaviours in relation to food come from our childhood. Each time you fell down and somebody gave you chocolate to make you feel better, or you were told to finish everything on your plate because of starving children somewhere in the world, you established patterns in your eating habits.

Any attempt to change these eating habits 'consciously' is therefore a challenge to a pattern that feels as uncomfortable as brushing your teeth with your opposite hand.

The Virtual Gastric Band programme replaces these old eating habits with new patterns and changes behaviour for the long term.

Virtual Gastric Band weight loss

5. It motivates you to exercise

To keep your body fit and active, it's important to exercise. The Virtual Gastric Band programme will help encourage you to get your body moving in ways that you enjoy and make regular exercise a part of your ongoing routine.

To finally achieve your weight loss goals, call Kathryn on 0401 871 476.

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